In the crazy, stressful world of wedding planning, I’ve decided to create a new series of posts here on my blog, to help brides & clients with the ins and outs of wedding planning, wedding vendors, and wedding day tips and advice. I thought I’d share my personal experiences of being a bride and a photographer on what I’ve seen, what I’ve noticed, what I’ve missed and share some insight on things often overlooked, underused, or over discussed. Ive now been on both sides of the table (as a bride last year and a wedding photographer!), I really feel there were things I missed or wish I knew prior to my wedding day, that Im here to share with all of you! Im also going to create a home here to do meet and greets with several different types of wedding vendors in the area to get their 2 cents on advice and tips special to their industry, but more importantly I want to spot light other cool vendors, that are doing awesome, unique things in the local industry and share their talents.

And, with that, I bring you my first, IN THE KNOW post. I’ll cover a wide range of topics & vendors, but I figured I start with something silly, simple & almost alllllways overlooked….HANGERS!!


So, when I was wedding dress shopping, I posted a bit about this on my old blog, that I spoke about HERE, so you may know that I have a HUUUUUGE pet peeve about plastic hangers on wedding dresses. I dont know what it is, but they just drive me crazzzzy! You see for most people a wedding dress purchase is a big deal. Its probably the most expensive piece of clothing you will ever purchase, and hey, even if its not, it still symbolizes something very special regardless of the cost. Theres so much thought and love that goes into choosing that dress, BUT, the day you bring that dress home its stuffed into a body bag (or garment bag, as most people call it), and hung on a tiny, clear, .03 cent piece of plastic.


SO that pretty, life-changing, very expensive piece of white fabric hangs on a slab of plastic that cost pennies to make, and makes your dress look cheap, devalued and just, simply, unspectacular. Which brings me to my most life changing of all weddings tips……dont forget a PRETTY HANGER!!!!!!


As you’ll see in the photos included in my post, some of my clients have chosen these super popular, super cute, ‘bridal hangers’ that feature your names or your future new name. It’s cute, it’s cheap, and it’s a simple way to jazz up your dress for photos. They’re easy to find online, etsy.com is always a best bet for that kind of stuff. Hey…You dont even need to spend money on a hanger if you dont want to, just remember to bring a nice, sturdy, wooden hanger (or one of those pretty fabric covered ones) from your closet at home with you on the wedding day, it makes all the difference in photos! I swear! And, to prove I practice what I preach, below is a photo taken from my wedding, this is the silly little blue hanger that held my dress on my wedding day (it says “wifey”, cause, yea, I’m corny like that).

photo credit: angelica glass


  1. Lisa T.

    Such a good Idea!!


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