Ahhhh, the wedding day has finally arrived, it’s here, it’s here, it’s HERE! Your day has finally come….and your in GYM SHORTS & a TSHIRT! Now Im the first to praise any reasoning towards comfort, especially at the time of day on your wedding that has the potential to be so stressful, BUT, that’s not an excuse to not be fabulous the entire day! Sleep dripping in pink & diamonds if you have to, it’ll be the only day where people wont judge you =)


A lot of my brides like to invest in some new attire for when they are getting ready, and I’m all for it! Pretty robes, & pretty tops make for VERRRRRRRRRY pretty pictures! When you are wearing a beautiful silk robe or cute wedding zip up, it makes you look great while your in the midst of putting on your “face” and have a million rollers on your head, plus it easier on your hair & makeup people to just slip or zip something off rather than trying to protect their masterpiece when pulling off an old gym tshirt.

I thought I’d offer some ideas of potential pre-wedding-dress attire (plus you can have your bridesmaids join in the fun, they make a great bridal party gifts!), here are a few of my favorites robes


Top Left to Right: Forever 21, Plum Pretty Sugar, Anthropologie, Victorias Secret

Or the alternative to a robe or hoodie could be a romper, jumper, or slip set like below, its cool, its super comfortable, its modern and different (plus they dont need to go overhead to come off).


Left to Right: Urban Outfitters, ShopBop, Jcrew

Or the longer version of above is cute as well


Left to Right: ShopBop, Zara


Left to Right: Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue

I especially love these two above, because the longer, floor length gown offers a bit more modesty, yet is still strikingly beautiful, and the opposite gown is so colorful and playful. Plus, robes & zip-up tops are roomy enough for any body type, allowing everyone to look feminine and beautiful.

I’ve seen a lot of vendors (I’m talking to you VS!!!!) also offer up, more of a ‘sexy’ bride type collection in their ‘dressing gown’ lines, and while those are fabulous, these are just a few samples of some more tame options for the morning of your wedding, your pre-wedding-dress outfit can be bright, it can be bold (and it doesn’t necessarily have to be white).

Buy both and save the sexy, barely there wrap for your wedding night =)


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